Hardwood floors are beautiful and an investment that is extremely long lasting. Thus when you get them from a trustworthy provider source and installed by qualified experts, you will have an assurance of them lasting for decades. However, it is vital to have simple maintenance to enable them to look beautiful and therefore have no need of refinishing.

It is necessary to have some preventative measures to make sure your wide plank hardwood flooring that never endures wear and strain that are unnecessary. Considering some better tips for the preventative maintenance is essential.

Anytime you have a plan on moving appliances in your hardwood floors; it is essential to make sure you thoroughly clean the surface. This help in the prevention of scratch marks as a result of sand or grit from forming on the floor surface. It is therefore vital to place a carpet piece or thick clean mat under the appliance moving it later across your floor carefully.

Before making any movement of furniture, you require to have a thorough cleaning of the floor. Again the pieces of furniture might have the damaged or missed slides. That is why it is vital to replace and remove all the slides that are existing. This will, however, prevent the damaging and scrapping of your hardwood floors when moving around your furniture.

Placing rubber backed mats of the door outside and inside of every house exterior door will protect the wide plank hardwood flooring. This is from the abrasion as a result of sand and dirt. You can, therefore, prevent damaging of the wide plank flooring by having the proper maintenance of humidity levels in your house. The recommended humidity level ranges from 30 to 50 percent. The installation of humidifier and dehumidifier is the right way you can control such aspect.

Besides the preventive care, it is essential to ensure spilling with no delay. It is again crucial to avoid mopping the wide plank floor with water. Instead, you require to use a dust mop made of microfiber. Ensure that the hardwood floor is out of sand and dirt by use of vacuum cleaner. Read more on this link: http://www.oakandbroad.com.

Additionally, when you use the broom, it is necessary to use the soft bristles. Also, you can consider the hardwood floor cleaner that the manufacturer recommends. Therefore, when you follow the above tips, your hardwood flooring of the wide plank will look beautiful always. Learn about wide plank walnut flooring here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Laminate_flooring.